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Our Services

To protect your residence, office, factory, hotel, hospital, school, and other valuable establishment from insects, Please call us immediately.

We provide pest control service to protect your property.

Our Services:

  • Termite Control (Pre-construction building)
  • Termite Control (Post- construction building)
  • Rodent Control.
  • Fumigation.
  • Bedbug Control.
  • Cockroach Control.
  • Snake Control.
  • Disinfection & Cleaning

Termite Control Service:

a)  Pre- Construction Termite Control
b)  Post- Construction Termite Control

Rodent Control :

Rodents are notorious pests of field crops and stored grains. In addition to agricultural losses, rodents also pose health hazards to humans and cause structural damage in households, offices, warehouses, etc.

Cockroach Control:

Cockroaches are a medical threat to people in two ways. As incidental carriers of microorganisms, they spread a variety of human diseases, by transferring microorganisms wherever they go, causing food spoilage and associated intestinal disorders. Cockroaches also produce antigens from their bodies and excretions, and these are important triggers for asthma and other allergies. Rajdhani Pest Control provides most effective service by spraying and cold fogging.